The three things I learned in 2017


At the beginning of every year, I spend a good deal of time thinking about what I learned from the year just gone.

The process of reflecting deeply about the things I learned and then writing them down helps crystallise and consolidate the learnings in a way that makes me a) more likely to remember them, and b) more likely to implement whatever changes I need to make to become a better CEO / investor / friend / husband / father etc.

In 2017, the three things that stick-out are as follows. I’ve written full blog posts on each learning in case you’re interested in more context and colour:

  1. Networking is actually amazing
  2. Getting outside your comfort zone is critical
  3. Striving for consensus isn’t always the right way to go 


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I'm Sami: founder & CEO of Clarity PR and occasional angel investor. I blog here about entrepreneurship, leadership, building great company cultures, angel investing, fatherhood and personal development.

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