The Business Case For Generosity


The thing I’ve been most struck by since arriving in the Bay Area is the incredible generosity of the tech community – both individually and collectively.

It feels like everyone I meet introduces me to another three relevant people and invites me to a bunch of interesting events and meetups.

As a result, my network feels larger and more valuable after three months in San Francisco than after three years in New York and eight years in London.

The longer I spend here, the more I’m convinced that the spirit of giving without expectation of reciprocation is the secret sauce that makes Silicon Valley by an order of magnitude the world’s highest-performing tech ecosystem.

In the spirit of trying to assimilate to my new environment, I’ve started experimenting with generosity.

I’ve been providing free PR advice to early stage startups. I’ve been proactive about connecting people who don’t know each other but should. I’ve been flagging interesting opportunities and insights to people as and when they crop-up.

Not only does it feel good, the business case for generosity is compelling.

By opening my network, by sharing my knowledge freely and by constantly trying to add value in every interaction, I’ve created some really meaningful relationships that are fulfilling both personally and professionally.

They say ‘what goes around comes around’. Silicon Valley is a living, breathing exemplar of that maxim.

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