Doing the simple things properly: our new benefits package


With the benefit of hindsight, we tried to run before we could walk.

I had grand plans to rapidly instigate a massive step-change in our company culture. But we tried to do this without having laid the necessary foundations. I’ve learnt that when it comes to culture-building, before you start experimenting with the fun stuff, it’s critical that you have a great benefits packages in place first.

On reflection I think I used to feel that we had. Our company handbook had all the basic stuff covered: holiday, sick leave, maternity leave etc. I thought we’d ticked that box. In reality, we were offering the most basic benefits package we could. It was the bare minimum – basically in-line with whatever was expected of us from a legal perspective.

So I set us the challenge of coming-up with the best benefits package we could conceive and afford. Here are some of the highlights:

  • 34 days’ annual leave
  • £800 / €900 / $1000 stipend every year to spend on any personal or professional development of their choice
  • A quarterly opportunity to spend two weeks in another office – all expenses paid, and spending money provided
  • 20 weeks’ full pay maternity leave, 8 weeks’ full pay paternity plus 4 weeks’ unpaid
  • 10% of global annual profits distributed across every member of the team (irrespective of level)

I’m sure there are countless examples of companies that offer more generous benefits, but we don’t have the resources of a Google or Facebook.

Every year, however, I commit to reviewing our benefits package and improving it in whatever way we can. Ultimately I want our benefits package to be recognised as the most generous for a company of our size.

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